Misty rain has turned the surrounding mountains into shades of grey moguls.

It’s a Saturday afternoon — in July — and I just closed the window to keep the draft out. On days like these, I feel like we are all paying our dues for living in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Tomorrow, the sun will shine and we’ll all emerge, energized and grateful for the light.

I’ve been living on the North Coast for nearly eight months and in that time I’ve come to embrace this quirky little place. Having resident deer, and now two spotted does, as my neighbours is one example of what I find joy in.
Doe outside my apartment

Or there’s also walks out to Cow Bay Marina public dock.

Cow Bay marina dock

Or runs along Highway 16.

Running along the Yellowhead HWY

Friday night drinks at the Wheelhouse after work.

the Wheelhouse outside

Don’t be deceived by the darkness. Prince Rupert does see the sun and in the summer the sun rises at 5:30am and sets at 10pm, which is exactly why I had to purchase black out blinds for my bedroom.

Sailor statue pointing

Oh, there’s the sun! I’ll leave this here, as this is just a brief introduction to Prince Rupert and the North Coast.

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